About Róisín 

Róisín Pierce is an Irish textile designer who graduated from the National College of Art and Design, Ireland with a B.A in Textile Design - with a primary focus on contemporary textiles and silhouettes.

Her design ethos is reinventing garment construction; through her own unique process in shape making, textiles and exploration of silhouette. The notion of construction, manipulation and embellishment inform the surface and structures she creates.

Róisín’s clothing are highly crafted pieces that explore innovative textiles, playing with asymmetry and the unexpected, harnessing the language and techniques of tradition and modern. The idea of creating something new is what excites and drives Róisín to create.

Róisín was awarded the Future Makers ‘Pushing the Limits’ award for her ‘radical use of textiles and unique fabric manipulation techniques to create original silhouettes around the body’ by the Design Council of Ireland in 2016.   

She aims to create for the non-conservative woman. As Jo-Ann Furniss wrote in 2013 “to pass judgements on ‘wearability’ or ‘practicality’ just seems facile." Róisín hopes to create new innovative forms to challenge and push the boundaries of womenswear today.